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Art and sport as the motive force of school development

Aims of the project:

  • creating an open educational environment;
  • establishing cooperation between a board of education, a school and local institutions that support the artistic
    and physical activity of the young;
  • enriching an educational offer of the school;
  • teachers’ improvement of professional and social competences;
  • development of artistic and physical activity of the young;
  • searching for new pedagogical solutions in the sphere of artistic and sports education;
  • exchanging the best pedagogical experience in the field of artistic and sports education with the foreign partner;
  • intensifying the European dimension of education.

Expected work results:

  • improvement in the work quality of the schools involved in the program;
  • raising professional skills of the people who implement the program;
  • creating and introducing a program that will get students having learning difficulties involved in artistic and sports activities;
  • an increase in youth’s activity in the filed of sport and art;
  • meetings of education managers and training officers from Poland and Romania in order to exchange experience
    and best educational practices;
  • expanding the knowledge of the partner country’s national heritage by organizing days of Polish culture in Slatina
    and days of Romanian culture in Tarnobrzeg;
  • an increase in the  English language knowledge of the team implementing the program;